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Where Can I Buy Maternity Pads

It doesn't matter whether you have a vaginal birth or give birth by caesarean section, you're likely to experience some postpartum heavy bleeding, known as 'lochia'. And, talking bluntly, you're going to need maternity pads to soak up the blood. We're not talking normal sanitary pads, these are big, absorbent, almighty pads.

where can i buy maternity pads


From reusable to eco to pads with wings, maternity pads come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. You may find that you prefer to purchase a couple of styles, to suit your needs as and when your flow changes.

Size - Maternity pads are available in different sizes, some are longer in length than others and some are made thicker in density to be more absorbent. Not surprisingly our testers also favoured those that were extra-wide and extra-long for maximum coverage and security. Thicker pads are suitable for heavier blood flow and can be worn at night too, and you can then move onto thinner ones once your flow is lighter.

Comfort - Another difference in comparison to sanitary pads is that maternity pads have more of a cushion feel when worn. They are not designed to be super sleek and undetectable, their first priority is to be comfortable when worn and absorb as much blood as possible. This comfort level is also important if you have any stitches.

Style - The main two styles are wings are no-wings. Winged pads have flaps on the side that fold under and stick to the centre of your knickers. Those without wings simply stick along the centre of your knickers. The key thing is that it feels secure for you - and this may be influenced by the knickers you wear too.

Disposal - Many maternity pads are single-use and disposable but it's also possible to buy reusable ones. The reusable ones are made with cotton fabric and can be washed several times.

After giving birth, you are not going to want to wear your best knickers. If you have very heavy blood flow, they may get ruined. Some hospitals may provide you with some paper-based single-use knickers or alternatively you can buy your own disposable maternity pants. You may also want to buy cheap, large and comfortable pants (that you don't mind disposing of afterwards).

Lochia tends to be bright red and heavy, particularly in the hours following birth. The bleeding comes from the uterus, mostly from the spot where the placenta was attached. After that, it tends to look slightly more pink and watery. By weeks two or three, it can appear brownish.

Made in Denmark, these pads offer a high degree of absorbency (800ml liquid absorbed per pad) and are specifically designed for heavy postpartum bleeding. They're designed with a fast absorption layer as well as odour and leak protection but don't come with wings.

As with other reusables such as period pants, breast pads or nappies, while the initial outlay is more costly than for disposables, they can be used as resuable sanitary pads afterwards and put aside for any further pregnancies. You can also try them out first as Cheeky offer a 90-day trial that means you can return them if you don't get on with them.

MFM tester Emma said, "I was really impressed by the Cheeky maternity pads after I had my son; they had plenty of length to protect against leaks and were more absorbent than the disposable pads I got from the hospital. The bamboo fabric was nice and comfy against my skin too. I was worried about having to wash them, but there was so much baby laundry anyway - we used cloth nappies too - I could just chuck them in the machine with the nappies and they came out looking good as new. After plenty of use the first time round, they're still in good condition and seem well made and sturdy."

The pads have elasticated sides and are designed to instantly absorb liquid and prevent odours. Home tester Nirali said, "I actually got a sample from Tena and really liked them so I ended up getting my husband to buy them for the first few days. I found them much softer than the hospital pads with disposable underwear. There were no leaks and it felt like I had one less thing to worry about when dealing with a newborn."

Natracare Maternity pads with soft, certified organic cotton cover. The pads are extra long, wide and comfortably padded to give confident and secure protection for the natural blood loss experienced after giving birth.

New mothers will experience post-partum bleeding anywhere from a few days to few weeks. As a minimum, we recommend having two packs of postpartum pads in the house and one pack in your maternity bag. You may need to change your pad every hour or two to start with, then every 3 or 4 hours in the coming days and weeks.

You can use normal menstrual pads postpartum. The benefit of using maternity pads is the shape and absorption. Maternity pads are designed with an extra-long and wide fit for comfort and high absorption. It is possible to be feeling very sore for a few weeks after giving birth. Soft, padded maternity pads can feel more comfortable than other types of pads.

Maternity sanitary pads or pads for postpartum are specially made to help absorb postpartum bleeding new moms experience. The best pads for postpartum are designed keeping the sensitivity of the vulva post pregnancy in mind, and are therefore, extra- soft, super-absorbent, free of chemicals and chemical- fragrances and without any plastic ridges.

New mom maternity pads are softer than regular pads, without plastic coverings or ridges, chemical-fragrance free and thus gentler on sensitive skin. Friends Maternity Pads also come with an elastic loop style which helps new mothers wear the pad using a loop without an underwear which may irritate post-pregnancy inflamed skin. Friends makes the best pads for after birth bleeding because we understand perfectly well how difficult it could be to get good quality pregnancy pads in the Indian market.

"Top shelf customer service and products all at an excellent price. Honestly the best supplier I've found which is why I have been a customer for years and years. You simply won't find a better combination of service/products/pricing anywhere. Trust me, I've looked."

It's true that during your stay in the hospital after giving birth, the nurses will supply you with comfy mesh underwear and huge hospital-grade pads. But not all women are fans of this particular combination, and many prefer to have their own supplies either for the hospital or once they head home.

Lochia can last for up to six weeks, although it's typically heavy only for about a week to 10 days after delivery. You'll see it evolve as it changes from being red to pink to brown, and finally a yellowish white. Every woman experiences lochia differently, however, so you might not need postpartum pads for the same amount of time as another new mom.

If you normally wear pads during your menstrual periods, you probably have a general sense of what you prefer. Longer, thicker pads with wrap-around sides work well for nighttime and days when you have a heavier flow. Note that woven materials might be good at pulling moisture from the body, but can stick to tender areas with stitches, so you may prefer a smoother style if you're still healing.

Often called "the purple pads," these standbys are recommended frequently by moms in the What to Expect community, who rave about their thin silhouette and ability to keep moisture contained on heavy flow days. "It doesn't feel like you're sitting on something wet," one wrote.

New moms love that Stayfree pads have a soft surface that won't aggravate stitches or tender, still-healing areas. The shape is designed to protect you from leaks when you're lying down, so they're also great for nighttime. Also good: Moms find them to be absorbent (the company claims they can hold moisture for 8 hours) but not overly bulky.

Founded and launched by three women in 2017, Rael's pads are incredibly popular. The top layer is made from certified organic cotton, and women with sensitive skin love them. What's more, these pads are manufactured without pesticides, GMOs, chlorine and other harsh chemicals; and the company also works with a Los Angeles non-profit to donate menstrual supplies to women living in poverty.

Prefer a postpartum pad you can reuse? Not only do these machine-washable pads win points for being cute and eco-friendly, but the middle layer is infused with charcoal bamboo to absorb odors. They stay in place securely, thanks to snaps that wrap around the bottom of your underwear (similar to the wings on disposable pads).

"Their core has charcoal, which controls odor. And I can say it does an excellent job. There's no odor at all, unlike my experience with disposable pads. And so far, they have been less messy than disposable pads."

These soft pads were designed for women with sensitive skin. The cover is made of certified organic cotton, and they're free of plastic, perfumes, dyes and chlorine. If you're eco-minded, you'll be happy to know that Natracare pads are also biodegradable and compostable, and come packaged in a recycled cardboard box. They're incredibly long and thick but don't have wings (although the company does also make an ultra-long version that has this feature).

Maternity Pads are designed specifically for use after giving birth . For many women, postpartum bleeding is heavier than a typical menstrual period, particularly in the first 2 weeks requiring a degree of protection not offered by traditional menstrual or bladder leakage pads.

The secret weapon in these maternity pads with wings? A blend of herbal ingredients which create a "cooling" sensation that provides a soothing experience, making it an ideal feminine pad for post delivery. Complete with mint, lavender, and aloe, our post-pregnancy pads are a soothing solution for new moms. Begin your post-partum journey with maternity pads with wings from The Honey Pot.

Maternity pads are an essential post-birth item. After giving birth there are some not-so-glamourous parts that you will have to deal with and post-partum bleeding is one of those things. Making sure you have maternity pads on hand is essential and it is best to do before you have your baby to save any last-minute panics. 041b061a72


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