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The Ultimate Guide to Green Anacondas: The Biggest Snakes on Earth

Anthony Jackson from Hudson Snake Catching said he was summoned to an Oxenford home Wednesday morning by a resident who reported seeing a big snake in his bathroom while he was using the toilet.Advertisement

big snake

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The reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus) is the longest snake in the world, regularly reaching over 6.25 metres in length. It is the longest of the 39 species in the family Pythonidae.

The longest reticulated python ever recorded was found in 1912 and measured in at a staggering 10 metres - that's more than half the length of a bowling lane and makes this snake longer than a giraffe is tall.

Reticulated pythons live in southeast Asia and while they are typically found in rainforests, woodland and grasslands, their habitat preference seems to depend on their location. In Myanmar, these non-venomous snakes have only been found in pristine forest, whereas in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysian Borneo they've also been recorded in sewers.

Green anacondas (Eunectes murinus) are also exceptionally long snakes. But they have also been subject to exaggerated length measurements in the past, with snakes of over 24 metres allegedly sighted. In reality, the green anaconda rarely exceeds 6.25 metres.

In 1937, a 5.54-metre-long king cobra was found in Negeri Sembilan state on the Malay Peninsula. Captured and kept at London Zoo, it eventually grew to 5.71 metres. But this huge snake was killed at the outbreak of the Second World War, to avoid putting the public in danger should the zoo be bombed and the snake escape.

Green anacondas are non-venomous, solitary and found in South America and Trinidad. They spend most of their time in water, usually in swamps, marshes, slow streams and rivers. Because of this, the nostrils and eyes have evolved to be on top of the head, rather than to the sides, so that the snake can breathe and see prey and predators above water while its large body is kept submerged.

These snakes have a varied diet, from turtles and fish to peccaries, deer, capybaras (the world's largest rodent), and even jaguars on rare occasions. Anacondas belong to the boa family and use their long, muscular bodies to constrict their prey.

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The eastern diamondback (Crotalus adamanteus) is a rattlesnake and thought to be the world's heaviest venomous snake, with a particularly massive 2.56-metre individual tipping the scales at 15 kilograms.

Found in southeastern USA, this snake prefers flatwoods, coastal forests and scrubland habitats. It isn't often found in wet areas, although it's a confident swimmer, occasionally seen in swamps and between barrier reefs.

Rattlesnakes are named for the rattle at the ends of their tails. This structure is made up of interlocking hollow segments. The snakes rapidly vibrate their tails, creating a rattling noise and used as a warning to potential predators. Chase D'animulls/ Shutterstock

Adult eastern diamondbacks dine on small mammals, such as rabbits and squirrels, and small birds, while the young eat rats and mice. They strike their prey with a venom-filled bite, before letting it crawl away and die, at which point the snake eats it.

The Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica), is another large snake, but it doesn't get quite as heavy as the eastern diamondback rattlesnake. A particularly long individual of 1.83 metres did weigh in at 11.34 kilograms, however.

While they aren't generally as heavy as the eastern diamondback, Gaboon vipers have fangs which are the longest of any snake at 55 millimetres. They also have the highest yield of venom, carrying up to 600 milligrams at a time.

Snakebites in children and teenagers are relatively uncommon in the metropolitan city of Hong Kong. They are rarely fatal but may cause significant morbidity and fear. We report two cases of snakebites to illustrate that the spectrum of morbidity is independent of the size of the snakes. A 7-year-old boy was bitten in successions by a green snake. Envenomation occurred at the second bite site. He developed local and systemic signs that were promptly relieved with anti-venom therapy at the intensive care unit. An 18-year-old girl was bitten by a large python but only sustained minor local soft tissue injuries. This report serves to alert the public that snake may bite in successions and envenomation may occur with the subsequent bite.

Conclusion: A small snake may be venomous and a large snake may not be. Avoidable risk factors associated with snakebites (such as avoiding areas known to harbour snakes in the evening in summer and autumn and wearing protective footwear) are highlighted.

Do you love lizards, snakes, and other scaly creatures? If you do, Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo is the place for you! Today we are going to go on a deep dive into the top 3 biggest snakes in the world as well as some other unique snakes found in our collection!

As mentioned in our title, it is time to go over the top three largest snakes in the world! Here at the zoo, we actually have the three biggest snakes in our collection. The reticulated python, anaconda, and Burmese python are the three largest snakes on planet Earth, and ours call Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo home. Check out the sections below to learn just how big these guys are!

Reticulated pythons are considered to be the longest snake. The world record for the length of a reticulated python is a whopping 32 ft and 9 inches! Like the green anaconda, they are also excellent swimmers. Scientists have even found these incredible animals out at sea. Reticulated pythons are ambush predators and use their keen sense of smell and infrared pit organs to find their next meal. These are very versatile snakes. Not much can get in their way between their huge size and unique skills!

Weighing up to 550 pounds, the green anaconda holds the record for the heaviest snake in the world! They can reach over 20 feet in length and can be as thick as a foot in girth. The enormous size of these snakes is no joke! Green anacondas like to be near water. Even with their enormous weight and size, they are excellent swimmers. They have been caught eating fish, caiman, and even Jaguars. You know it is a big snake if it can take down one of the big cat species!

Burmese pythons are incredibly large snakes. They can reach up to 23 feet in length and weigh up to 200 pounds! They are constrictors and use their large, and powerful, size to squeeze their prey before eating it. That is pretty crazy, right? Have you ever seen a snake that big? Learn more facts about Burmese pythons, one of the biggest snakes in the world, on this animal fact page.

Here at the zoo, we have several of the most venomous snakes in the world! In this section, we will go through several of these different species. We will also compare the biggest snakes in the world to our most venomous snakes here at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo!

The black mamba is the last of our most venomous snakes we will touch on. The black mamba is found in Africa and is considered to be the fastest land snake. Unlike their name suggests, black mambas are actually a brownish color with olive or gray undertones. Their name comes from the coloration of the inside of their mouths, which is a deep, inky black.

They may not be the biggest snakes in the world, or the most venomous snakes in the world, but they are truly very beautiful to look at! Come out to Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo to see these colorful snakes for yourself! They really make for some amazing photos, even if you just snap a few on your phone!

As our post comes to a close, we always like to remind you that we have much more here at our zoo than just the biggest snakes in the world. We have a whole bunch of other reptiles, tons of unique mammals, and even some big cats! Some of our fan favorites include our jaguars, albino alligators, and our otters. There is something for everyone! Thank you for diving into this wild topic with us today. We hope to see you out here at Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo soon!

As the mid morning progressed into early afternoon I could really feel the heat hitting. There wasn't much action after my last bass I caught so I quickly changed tactics and starting to catch something else - catch some pictures of snakes.

As I was paddling back to call it a day I saw a log that was semi-submerged in the water. I saw something a little unusual and as I got closer, I realized it was because there was a big snake catching some sun! This guy was a big snake. I quickly pulled out my Canon DSLR and got some photos. This might have been the most exciting catch of the day.

It is always a blast getting out on the water and catching some fish just adds to the fun - catching some photos of a big snake makes it even better. If you get the time, try to give the Brazos River a shot, it is a great place to go. Just make sure to have proper protection from the Texas sun.

The name Anaconda (Eunectes) snake refers to a group of snakes found in the tropical regions of South America. Four species are currently recognized by the name, Eunectes, which means good swimmer. The Green Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) is the most well-known of these four species, and it is usually what comes to mind when you picture the large snake. In fact, it is the largest of the Anaconda family!

Little Big Snake is the ultimate slither style game. You may be big but it'll take more than that to survive in the dewy world of Ambrosia! Little Big Snake is a slippery game of serpentine fun. On the jungle floor, deep beneath its leafy canopy, you are forced to defend yourself from a wide variety of potential threats using only your mouse and some hard-earned upgrades. In Little Big Snake you start off as a small, wormy looking serpent that has to eat, smash, and slither its way up the food chain. If you want to thrive and not just survive, you'll have to swallow nectar, kill Jujas --the jungles resident pest-- and eat all manner of disgusting insects. But beware! For Little Big Snake is a Massive Multiplayer Online game and that means you won't be the only snake looking to climb up the leader board.


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