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The Right Kind Of Wrong


The Right Kind Of Wrong

"The Right Kind of Wrong" is the kind of comedy that asks an audience to find borderline-stalking behavior charming. Unnatural pushiness is obviously a common trope in the romantic comedy genre, and when it's done well (like Katharine Hepburn setting her sights on Cary Grant in "Bringing Up Baby" and not stopping until she has captured him in her butterfly net) it makes being stalked look like fun. But when it's done lazily, you start to wonder why a restraining order isn't being filed pronto. In "The Right Kind of Wrong", Leo (Ryan Kwanten) sets his sights on Colette (Sara Canning) on the day of her wedding to the too-good-to-true Danny (Ryan McPartlin). Even though she is a married woman, and he only knows her from one glimpse outside the church, Leo starts to pursue her, following her around, spying on her, and infiltrating her life. Only in a romantic comedy would an audience be asked to find creepy persistence like this a natural prelude to love.

Ryan Kwanten plays Leo as a baffled, enthusiastic and wounded man, and it is a good performance. But there is no real reason for Colette and Leo to get together, no undeniable chemistry, no sense that they are right for one another: it all seems wrong from the start. And not the right kind of wrong. Just wrong wrong.

Someone once told me that if you want to craft good wrong answers, you need to take your compliance hat off. Writing a course on phishing? Think like a hacker. Writing a course on reporting misconduct? Look up actual cases where people didn't report and understand what drove them make the decisions they did. Struggling to come up with convincing wrong answers? Talk to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) about actual misconceptions employees have.

Getting into character can help make your wrong answer options more realistic and believable. It can also help uncover the gray areas where right and wrong aren't clear-cut. Those gray areas are where employees are more susceptible to doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision.

Knowing upfront the misconceptions you'd like to address or behaviors you're looking change can help ensure that there aren't any throwaway wrong answers. As an added bonus, reverse engineering your questions can lead to more cohesion between the question you're asking and the possible answer options.

Plausible wrong answers require learners to think critically and be active participants in what they're learning, which can lead to more resonant training experiences. They also yield richer insight into exactly what learners know and don't know, which can contribute to a more robust overall training program.

Ted editor Debra Neil-Fisher will make her directorial debut with London Calling, a road trip comedy about a guy who wants to propose to his girlfriend but must endure a cross-Europe trip with a free spirit in order to get to her. Millennium Films acquired the rights to the script, written by David Posamentier and Geoff Moore. Occupant Films will produce. [Deadline]

Virgil Films picked up domestic rights to Foreclosure, a horror-film starring Michael Imperioli as a father who encounters some disturbing things in the home of a deceased relative, and plans a first quarter theatrical and VOD release. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Virgil Films snagged the domestic rights to the marriage inequality documentary Bridegroom, from director Linda Bloodworth Thomason. The Tribeca Audience Award-winner will be released this fall. [Deadline]

IFC Midnight has acquired the rights to The Station, about a group of scientists in the German alps who stumble on some biological oddities. Marvin Kren directed the project. [Deadline]

Paris-based Indie Sales has acquired worldwide distribution rights to Moomins on the Riviera, the first big-screen adaptation of the Finish comic books that were created by Tove Jansson in the 1940s. [Variety]

Beta Cinema picked up all distribution rights outside of the U.S. and Canada for Walter, starring William


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