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Robbie Williams - Different [2021]

The drape mechanism is attached to a large semi-circular truss that is wider than the stage and is divided into three sections, each with a motor, gearbox and the Austrian drape lifting parts. The shafts that lower and raise the drape sections are driven by Kinesys EVO drives which give the positional accuracy needed to create the different drape looks.

Robbie Williams - Different

Different è un brano pop introspettivo dove il cantante parla della sua relazione con la compagna, promettendo di cambiare e porsi in modo differente nei confronti della vita. Riguardo al brano Williams ha dichiarato: "Un grande sforzo è andato in questa canzone, che è una dichiarazione molto personale."[1]

"Cars 2" is the fourth Pixar feature score for Giacchino, who has previously composed the music for "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," and "Up," along with half a dozen short films from the Studio. "Michael is doing such a cool score for the film," says director John Lasseter. "We did not want to do a typical spy movie score. We wanted it to be something very different-a whole new approach."

Multiple GRAMMY&#174-winning country superstar and Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year Brad Paisley, who was a major contributor to the first "Cars" soundtrack with the songs "Behind the Clouds" (written with Frank Rogers) and "Find Yourself," returns with two new songs for "Cars 2." Says John Lasseter, "Brad Paisley and I became close friends during the making of 'Cars.' For 'Cars 2,' he and Robbie Williams have teamed up to do this really cool rock 'n roll song. It's something very different from what Brad Paisley normally does, but he and Robbie Williams have created a fantastic song that captures the friendship of McQueen and Mater over the end credits." Adds Brad Paisley, "The song is a rock vocal event with one of the most talented people I've ever met, Robbie Williams. It was John Lasseter's idea to bring these two worlds together - combining the English and American takes on music. We're both out of our comfort zone, seeing what happens when you're forced into going new places, which is really what 'Cars 2' is about. It's totally parallel to the story."

The song, "Collision of Worlds," is written and performed as a duet with Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams, the talented, award-winning singer/songwriter who has achieved incredible fame as a solo performer and as a member of the group Take That. Robbie Williams has sold more than 57 million albums worldwide, and is one of Britain's all-time top selling recording artists. "It's an international kind of song that's inspired very much by the film-it wouldn't exist if it weren't for the story," says Robbie Williams. "Brad Paisley turned up with his guitar and a basic understanding of what he wanted the song to sound like. He played me a few chords and we noodled and twiddled our way into forming this song. It's back and forth colloquialisms between two different countries speaking the same language and not understanding each other-until now."

Williams was not very successful outside Europe until he made the album "Sing When You're Winning", which was first sold in August 2000. The song "Rock DJ" won many awards: for example, it was called "Best Single (song) Of The Year" at the BRIT Awards, and MTV gave Robbie Williams an award for the special effects in the video. At this time, Robbie Williams recorded a duet, "Kids", with Kylie Minogue. Many of his songs, for example, "Supreme" and "Better Man", became popular in many different countries.

In 2002, Williams signed a contract to say he would work for the company EMI.[8] He worked on his next album, "Escapology", for a year. Many people think that "Escapology" was different from Williams' earlier music. The album was very successful in Europe, but it was not so successful in America. For the video for the song "Something Beautiful", Robbie ran a competition. The winner of the competition pretended to be Williams in the video. In the end, he chose three winners, so he made three different videos for the song.

In 2006, Williams started to perform at concerts all over the world. He recorded his new song, "Rudebox", which was very different from his other songs. Many people did not like it, and the newspaper The Sun said that "Rudebox" was "the worst song ever".[10] The song was quite successful, but the album, which was also called "Rudebox", sold fewer copies than any of Williams' other albums.[11] 041b061a72


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