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Where To Buy Globes Of The World

Thank you for visiting where you will find the full selection of quality Globes from Replogle Globes, Waypoint Geographic, MOVA Globes, National Geographic, Columbus Globes, Oregon Scientific, Zoffoli Globes and many more.

where to buy globes of the world

Our goal is to help you purchase the world globe that fits your educational or decorative needs. Our team has over 50 years experience with the manufacturing and sale of geographic based products, so we know how its made, when its made and who makes it. We stand behind each of the products we sell with full manufacturers warranty!

Like our chic floor globes, from the popular Constellation to Franklin models, we stock several desktop globe styles and designs, each with a unique aesthetic that will complement any space. At Replogle, we also have high-quality inflatable globes and interactive world globes, which are great for educational purposes.

Whether they have political or topographical maps, the world globe is ubiquitous in geography classrooms. Globes displaying details such as country names, capitals, and latitude lines are fitting for educational applications, particularly where kids are required to learn physical geography. The best globes for this purpose are large and brightly colored to stimulate learning and memory.

A unique, high-quality world globe is a wonderful gift for travelers, geography enthusiasts, and any person who likes collectible items with old-world charm. Besides classic world globes, there are also celestial and fantasy-art models on the market.

Full-swing meridians allow you to spin the globe from side to side or up and down. Other unique heirloom globes from Replogle come with a cradle mount featuring a full meridian that rests between notches in the stand and a wooden dowel at the center of the base. These are typically used to mount floor globes.

If you have any doubts about where to look, we guarantee you can trust Replogle Globes. We have over 90 years of experience manufacturing world-class globes decorating homes, schools, and universities. Wondering where to buy Replogle Globes? On our official website, of course!

The most realistic world map is a globe. When you look at a globe map, you can see how our world looks in all of its complexity. All the nations are displayed in actual sizes relevant to each other. You can see how distant apart different settlements are, and you can get what time it is in another part of our planet.

In the daytime, you can explore our planet through this multicolored, easy-read, and highly precise map of the rewritable world globe, such as continents, countries, cities, oceans, and natural wonders.

The vivid interactive globe map of the world with LED lights and easy-read features shows continents, oceans, deserts, capitals, and international and geographical borders. This gorgeous lighted globe is the best choice for nighttime learning.

Interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toy depicts complete world globe geography, LED globe stars (88 constellations), and a plug-in nightlight, a worthy indoor education toy with easy-to-read information.

This is a well-made globe, an educational reference world globe, and an ornament for a practical and classy gift ideal for home and office decoration. This globe in brown tones indicates transnational borders, countries, cities, latitude, longitude, world time comparative to GMT and primary landforms.

This world globe is more than just a decoration. The diameter has high-quality printing, which is beautiful and clear, leading to an effortless and pleasant experience when exploring this geographical sphere.

This Metallic world globe has high-quality, beautiful printing, led to an effortless and pleasant experience when one reads the geographical sphere. It displays nations, political borders, capital and major cities, and more.

Travel the world and visit new places with the interactive Magic Adventures Globe. Tap on the globe with the stylus to know about countries, cultures, languages, geography, animals, habitats, and more through high-quality live-action educational BBC videos and animations on the integrated video screen.

Or maybe you're looking for the best world globe to give someone as a gift. In that case, you'll want a globe that's classy, geographically accurate, and worthy of displaying in their home forever. After all, this isn't high school geography and your average educational globe won't suffice as a gift. A beautifully crafted world globe is a perfect gift for travel enthusiasts that inspires conversations of future and past travels.

In today's post, I'm going to show you the top globemakers in the world and showcase some of my favorite globes from their extensive collections. This guide you will help you narrow down your options and choose the best globe for your home or loved one's home. Here they are, in no particular order.

With Zoffoli bar globes, you can bring your passion for travel and exploration to your home, while sipping a glass of your favorite whiskey. Their largest stand-up globe bars can hold up to 9 glasses and 2 bottles.

Bellerby & Co. Globemakers was started by Peter Bellerby in 2008 after a fruitless two year search for a globe for his father's 80th birthday. Unhappy with having to choose between a modern political globe or a fragile expensive antique model that can't be used on a daily basis, Bellerby set out to make a hand crafted globe that combined aesthetics with accuracy. The original plan was to make two globes, one for his father and one for himself, but that led to commissioned work, which then blossomed into a full fledged globe making company.

A standout globe from their collection due to its extreme size and historical significance is The Churchill Globes which you can see above. During WW2 Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt were gifted two fifty inch globes, seen as a sign of friendship during an intensely difficult period of the war, and have since come to symbolize their owners. Bellerby's Churchill globe is very closely modeled on its original namesake in terms of appearance and size and combines the classic techniques used in the making of the original with the technology and durability of modern construction. Production of this globe is limited, with plans to make just 40 at a rate of only one per year.

Started in 2003 and headquartered in San Diego, California, MOVA International considers itself a technology company that also makes globes. They are dedicated to advancing the dream of perpetual motion with a mission to apply their advanced technologies into luxury products with unique designs that capture the imagination.

Education meets modern decorative design with Waypoint Geographic Globes, a small manufacturer based in Indiana, USA. What makes their maps and globes unique is the information they include that you don't typically find on globes, like geographically accurate points of interest, landmarks, and ocean topography. Waypoint Geographic's goal is to design and distribute a small line of high quality products that are both decorative and educational at the same time.

Columbus has been hand making globes for over 100 years, and the company is still owned by the original Oestergaard family, which founded the company over a century ago. All Columbus world globes are manufactured in Germany and many of them are hand-crafted by trained artisans. They remain the only company on earth that still uses traditional glassblowing techniques to make glass globes. Obsessed with attention to detail, Columbus Globes are built to last a lifetime. They continually aim to strike balance between traditional artisan manufacturing and innovative engineering.

Greaves & Thomas revived the traditional craft of globe making in the United Kingdom in 1991 with their first globe, Merzbach & Falk's 1881 Globe which I've featured here. They now produce numerous different globes which range in size from just 2 inches to 5 feet in diameter. The majority of their globes are still made in the traditional way, using hand papered and hand painted plaster spheres that are aged to produce an authentic facsimile globe. Every Greaves & Thomas globe is produced in the UK by a workforce of never more than 5 craftspersons.

Greaves & Thomas globes are limited in production by the time availability of their craftsman, instead of by a specific number, and only produced in small quantity each year. Consequently there is always a waiting list for the larger more intricate globes that they produce. The globes are made using recycled papers and the wooden components for the elaborate stands are also made using reclaimed / recycled timber as part of their mission to never cost the Earth.

The Clare Hall Company was started by Michael Moore and his wife Anna on the outskirts of the ancient market town of Clare in Suffolk, England. Moore prides himself on his fine antique designs and adherence to historical standards of production. Most of his globe balls are still overlaid piece by piece with specially printed sections of cartographic paper using traditional skills and methods. They offer a selection of replica 17th to 19th century terrestrial globes, from small table globes up to large floor standing ones. The meridian rings and other fittings are solid brass and worked by hand. All the wood is turned, joined and then polished using renewable timber, and the colored horizon rings are exact copies of the antique originals. I've featured their Raleigh Table Globe, a 17th Century style globe on an oak stand, that's sure to finish off any room.

Gürbüz Publications was founded in Turkey in 1972 by Atilla Gürbüz, a graduate of Cilavuz Village Institute, to meet the needs of schools for maps and visual education materials. The company was reorganized in 1991 and has continued to develop globes for the education industry and business world.

Gürbüz currently offers a lineup of educational globes, replica antique globes, floating magnetic spheres, lamp shades, and other designer globes. Theirs maps and globes are approved by the Ministry of National Education and the General Command of Maps in Turkey. 041b061a72


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