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Bridget Almirar
Bridget Almirar

The history of rfm en direct is fascinating and rich in significant events which have contributed to making this radio station one of the most popular in France.

RFM, whose name means "Radio Fréquence Méditerranée", was founded in 1981. It initially was based in the south of France, in Juan-les-Pins, but it quickly expanded to cover the the entire French territory. The station was created by the famous businessman Jacques Maillot, who aimed to offer an innovative and diversified musical alternative.

From its earliest years, RFM has distinguished itself with its eclectic musical programming. The station has managed to harmoniously combine timeless classics with the latest trendy hits, which has attracted a wide base of listeners. It quickly won the hearts of music lovers by offering a variety of musical genres, from rock to pop to French song.


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